Albert E. Potts

About Me

I am the eldest son of a former (defrocked) Episcopal priest…who had a flair for oratory and an acute appreciation of the power of words to reveal or to conceal. I was educated in the Liberal Arts and in Nursing Science. I have been a professional registered nurse for a third of a century; and spent many years in the armed forces. I have served overseas. In 2008, I recreated, as a work of art, the Two Stone Tablets according to the specifications laid out in the biblical text. I have spent a dozen years studying the structure of Hebrew (ancient and modern) and how each of its elements of grammar work together to communicate historical information about our deep past, and exactly how we became homo sapiens. I call San Antonio my home.
The Latest and Best Bible Translation Book Cover

The Latest and Best Bible Translation—Yours!

An introduction to easy step-by-step translating what the Bible really says
Five years after its publication I can assure you, as its author, that no one has told me that this book is easy. Some who have never read the book have told me that it is simply too hard and too complex to even approach or fathom. Nevertheless, if you “really” want to know how to figure out how to determine what’s actually in the Hebrew Bible, my not- very-easy book will be indispensable toward unraveling it all.
Anatomy in Our Alphabet Book Cover

Anatomy in our Alphabet:

The Letters in Your Mouth
Intended for children eight to twelve, this book about the English alphabet speaks to young readers as intelligent. They are able to take on new information without being treated as if everything has to be spoon fed and sugar coated. The “parent letters” of the alphabet are shown and explained in easy-to-read words; but without the usual array of zoo animals, cookie dough, and color candy sprinkles. This book may be of particular help to children with reading challenges or speech difficulties.
Our Parent Alphabet Book Cover

Our Parent Alphabet:

Letters speaking their sounds
In this thin book, for the first time ever, is graphic and anatomic proof that our parent alphabet—ancient Hebrew—was fully phonetic. It proves that the written letter is the graphic representation of the spoken sounds of human speech. Our anatomic alphabet is graphically demonstrated. This book will give young readers an increased awareness of how sounds are linked to letters—and letters to their sounds.