Albert E. Potts
- Albert Potts

Aliens in the Genesis Scripture -An analogy for Our Times

Are there space-craft operating aliens in the ancient scriptural story called “Genesis”? Yes, there are. You may ask, “How can that be?” The answer to that goes toward spelling out how the aliens’ now-apparent presence in Genesis is an entirely apt analogy for our own times.

 The “Genesis” that we have come to know is not based on the introductory part of the ancient Hebrew scriptural document. The word, “genesis”, is taken directly and exactly from what we have always been told and taught is the ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew scripture into the Greek language. It is not. That Greek-language treatment called “Genesis” is a complete fabrication. It is a totally fake narrative and does not at all reflect what the actual narrative of the ancient Hebrew document. (I’ll leave it to your own imagination as to how that can exactly be applied to our own situation today.)

The ancients who bequeathed to us the Greek “Genesis” were tasked by their own seemingly all-powerful power-elite to give them a powerful narrative that would give them a powerful narrative “cover” behind which they could not be come up against. In the ancient’s case, the narrative they cooked up was that of an uber-god called “Theos” who created heaven and earth; and put everything on that earth under the dominion of man. They gave us an immutable hierarchy—in which their Greek overlords could be cast as the rightful (and only) representatives of that uber-god on earth. So far, it could be said, for the ruler-descendants of those ancient rulers who were cloaked behind their impregnable façade.

The fly in the ointment for that elite-sponsored official narrative is that now it can be definitively shown, merely by pointing out the actual definitions of words, that the official narrative is merely that: a narrative backed up—not by the reality of what words actually mean—but by the power of a power-elite to foist upon the deplorable masses a narrative that serves only the interests of maintaining control: both of the masses and of a narrative of control. 


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