Genetic Genesis

DNA Manipulation of Our Ancient Ancestors
From the Original Biblical Text

The ET’s Own Executive Summary of Their Ancient Agenda of Hybridization with Aliens in the Bible

Extraterrestrials in the Bible

Clearly, challenges exist in translating a work, any work, comprised of words that, up to now, have really not been defined accurately. The first word you probably have in mind that has to be somehow overcome is the word God. Does it have to be translationally tortured to confess “aliens”?

Albert E. Potts

Where the Bible Talks about Aliens

The ancient Hebrew text doesn’t tell the stories that we have been told are there. There’s a radically different past.
Unfortunately for traditionalists, the Genesis creation story is…just a story. The unfortunate truth is that the account that is there is absolutely true.
The Hebrew language works differently than officially taught. The Hebrew text is different than asserted for over two thousand years.

What is the truth? The truth is that Genesis 1 is the aliens’ executive summary. It is full of specific details about IVF and sexual experimentation of extraterrestrials in the Bible.

What makes me an authority on translating Hebrew?

I have invested twelve years of private study of the underlying structure and function of the Hebrew alphabets (ancient and modern) and how its language is constructed to convey meaningful communication. I have been able to do that because I was raised in a home where education, meaningful communication based on the science of spoken and written communication was valued.

I was educated in the liberal arts at a time when education for the sake of education and the capacity for critical thinking was still valued; and was educated in nursing science (as well as the art of nursing) over three decades ago; and have amassed a personal research library worthy of the work that has come out of it. 

Half a decade ago I published a groundbreaking book on the actual methods of accurately translating from Hebrew—which methods have resulted in the world’s first actual translation of an ancient document in which the truth of the alien hybridization of our hominid ancestors has been hidden in plain Hebrew for thousands of years.

In this book, Genesis Radically Retranslated, I have offered up the first full translation of Genesis Chapter One. I have shown where definitions of the words have come from (or how they were derived), shown the grammar function of each prefix, suffix, and inserted letter; and shown how each of the translated verses fit together as one internally consistent and continuous narrative.

In short, my credentials are that I have accomplished, through this demonstrably provable translation, what no other scholar or cleric has in over 2,200 years.

How do I justify something that goes against what has been accepted by everyone for thousands of years?

Simply put, I have offered a translation that is consistent with the actual definitions of the words in the ancient text as well as consistent with the grammar of the original text. I clearly show how traditionally translated words simply cannot be viable translations of Hebrew words in the ancient text and understand the message of the aliens in the Bible.

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